Acting and Modeling Insider Tips

Secrets and ideas that will jump start your acting and modeling career.

  • Use our preprinted casting director labels to reach talent agents, casting directors and producers directly.
  • Write a short cover letter telling them about yourself.  Be creative and professional in your approach.
  • Include your contact number on everything.
  • Be Polite. They got your package in the mail. If they need your type, they will call you. If not, they might like your type next month.
  • The more mailings you send out the better your chances. Talent and Casting Agents come and go frequently. You need to keep your name out there and often.
  • Always, always use a legitimate licensed talent agency. Get the up-to-date talent agent list at if you are planning on doing acting, modeling, directing or writing professionally, these are the only talent agents you should use.
  • Do your homework. Millions of people are trying to break into showbiz. Be professional and stay ahead of the competition. You need to know who the executives are that are currently working on a project. All of our listings consist of working professionals. If they currently are not working, they are not on our lists. That way you can save time and money.
  • Study, practice and study some more. Take classes and workshops. When you get that audition for that dream role, you will need the talent to back it up. Never stop learning and improving.
  • Don’t be afraid to start small. If you are planning on becoming a star and make your living as actor or model: learn your craft by taking smaller roles, doing plays, fashion print work and commercial print and of course TV commercials. All are great things that will give you experience, skills, and credits and pay great money.
  • Be a big fish in a small pond. You don’t have to be in LA or NY to be successful. Get a local licensed talent agency from our agents list and build your resume and experience locally before hitting NY or LA
  • Do commercials. They teach you how to audition, work with talent agents, negotiate, act, work on a film set, and bring you income. One national commercial can pay you over $100,000 over two years. If you or your children are really serious get one of our Complete Kits. These kits have everything you need for success in one box.

    HINT: Get jobs on your own by mailing directly to Casting Directors and Producers/Production Companies using SHOWBIZLTD mailing labels. You will be surprised at how few people think of this.


  • Determine what your interests and needs are and use our lists and preprinted labels to reach those agencies.
  • Reach out to only licensed agencies. They are licensed by the state and uphold all union rules and state laws.
  • Ask your friends which agency they work with and see if they can put in a word for you.


  • Performers often find agents through friends and fellow performers. Get involved with activities that will put you in touch with other performers such as workshops, casting showcases and special seminars.
  • Agents may want previous experience. Many agents will consider taking on new clients if they have a strong theatrical background. Get involved in a play or showcase and send invitations to your target talent agents.


  • All Resumes are not created equal. Tailor your resume to the specific area of representation in which you are interested (i.e. If you are looking for a commercial agent, list your commercial credits first).
  • Always keep your resume current and include a contact telephone number.
  • An audio or demo tape should not exceed 3 minutes. The purpose of the tape is to display your style, quality and range.


  • Make the most of the situation. Do your homework and know the agents reputation in showbiz and possibly what other talent they represent. Ask Questions.
  • Remember a talent agent works for you and you work for the talent agent. The ideal relationship will be satisfying and beneficial for both parties.


  • Dive in only if your child wants to become involved.
  • If your child is willing, but you don’t have the time to commit, do not get involved.
  • You must take full responsibility by reading all contracts and documents thoroughly and familiarizing yourself with special regulation and laws that apply to children.

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