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Link to ShowBiz LTD. and earn a commission on every sale.

Join our Affiliate program and earn 15% commission on every sale you refer.

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Behind the scenes or in front of the camera, we are known as the Official Database of the Entertainment Industry.  We provide both established professionals and beginners alike with most up to date name and address lists or pre-printed mailing labels, as well as instructional audio/videos tapes on how to succeed and/or get started in show business.  Located in Hollywood California, our customer testimonials and products speak for themselves.


We have been making and distributing products designed specifically for the entertainment industry since 1995. Previously only available in stores throughout Southern California, we are now available to the world through our website. When you send your customers to a trusted retailer and e-commerce pioneer, and you gain the confidence of knowing that they’ll receive the high-quality service and great low prices we give all our customers.

1. How does it work?

Once you have joined the program you will receive a selection of banners, text links and graphics to display on your site. Each link is specially coded to enable us to track every visitor you refer to our site.

When a visitor you refer to the ShowBiz LTD makes any purchase you earn 15% of the total sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started?
2. Does it cost anything to become an Associate?
3. Can I participate if I live outside the USA?
4. I have more than one website; can I apply more than once?
5. How should I design my website, what banners should I use?
6. How do I contact ShowbizLTD?

2. How do I get started?

If you are interested in becoming a new affiliate you will need to read the Operating Agreement and then fill out our Affiliate Application. It will take around 48 hours to process your application. You will then receive an email welcoming you to our program with an Affiliate ID that you will use on your links to earn commission on sales. Your Affiliate ID will also be used when logging in to our Affiliate Web page to obtain your commission status. To go to our "Join our Affiliate Program" Web page; click on the link below:

2. Does it cost anything to become an Associate?

It does not cost any money to be a part of ShowBiz LTD’s Affiliate program. You earn commission on only the sales that are generated from your site giving you complete control over what you earn. All of our banners are free to use and you gain unlimited access to your commission reports that let you know how your site is doing 24 hours a day online.

3. Can I participate if I live outside the USA?

ShowBiz LTD will ship anywhere in the world.  Occasionally a surcharge is added but most often all shipping is free.

4. I have more than one website, can I apply more than once?

This is up to you; if you already have an Affiliate ID with ShowBiz LTD you may use that to create banners on multiple websites, however, your affiliate statistics will not reflect each individual banner. If you would like more than one affiliate code you may resubmit a new application with your new website's information. This will allow you to check the status of each of your websites individually to know if one website is doing better than another. To go to our Affiliate Sign up page click on the link below:

5. How should I design my website, what banners should I use?

Once again, this depends entirely on you. You know what your goal is for your website and who you wish your audience to be. Banners need to reflect who you are trying to sell to and they must be visible. You may try asking yourself, as a customer, what would appeal to you to make you want to buy something. Remember, the goal is to generate sales so that you earn commission. You can choose any creative way you want to achieve this as long as it conforms to the standards of ShowBiz Ltd and our operating agreement. Who knows, if your creative enough and your website does well we may end up featuring your idea on our website or you may earn a specialized banner as our Featured Affiliate!

Click here to see our Marketing Tips page!

6. How do I contact ShowBiz LTD?

You can contact ShowBiz LTD by:




Fax :



8721 Santa Monica Blvd

Suite 700


Los Angeles, CA 90069-4511



It costs nothing to join our program.

If your site targets webmasters, online marketing managers or existing Affiliate Program Managers click below and start earning from ShowBiz LTD.

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Advanced tools to help you earn more

To help you profit from our partnership we have created a number of tools to help you increase your commissions.


When you join our program, you will be offered a selection of banners you can use.

How to join

  1. Simply review the terms and conditions
  2. Click here and complete the form.
  3. You will then receive full details as to how to place your links and tips to help you make the most of our partnership


If you have any questions or need any help please call us toll free 1-877-570-9662

Kind Regards

ShowBiz LTD.